burgbad Coco bathroom furniture

Beautifully designed, functional and versatile: the design lines from burgbad

Upbeat, charming, subtle, flexible, gentle, sensuous, calm, clear, straightforward, graceful, light, fuss-free ... there are so many different words that express how the design lines from burgbad unite form and function.
And for all those who find it hard to make their minds up given our wide range of design lines: official design awards aren’t the only reason to fall in love with a series from the sys20 collection. But then again, why keep quiet about them?
Coco (2017) and Mya (2019), for instance, have both been honoured with the German Design Award.

Badmöbel Bel burgbad

Bel – Subtle and flexible. Bel is an all-rounder. With its multitude of furniture components, washbasin materials and furniture finishes, this bathroom line can make almost any wish come true.

burgbad badmoebel sys20 crono

Crono – straightforward and versatile. Crono combines a clear and understated design language with a multitude of variants. That provides welcome freedom when it comes to planning your bathroom.

burgbad lin20 teaser uebersicht

Lin20 – authentic and balanced. Bathroom furniture in a timeless design that also marks new trends, such as combining cabinets and base units into a row of modern bathroom furnishings. Or the city bathroom: a washbasin area that provides maximum storage in the smallest of spaces.

burgbad badmoebel sys20 mya

Mya – natural and authentic. Less is more: Mya. Back to the roots. To simplicity and clarity. To an open and warm-hearted design language. Winner of the German Design Award 2019.

burgbad badserie sinea 1 uebersicht

Sinea 1.0 – gentle and harmonious. Washbasins and bathroom furniture for a flawless, homogeneous look. With a shape inspired by a wave, Sinea 1.0 reflects the soothing effect of a gentle swell on the ocean.