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Bathroom furniture from burgbad

Your new bathroom should be a source of pleasure – every single day for years to come. So it’s well worth being choosy when it comes to furnishing it. And the washbasins, vanities and furniture from burgbad are always a good choice. We’ve been making top-quality bathroom furniture since 1965. As a global market leader, we offer compelling solutions in a wide range of segments. From guest bathrooms all the way to individual room concepts. So take your time and explore!

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Favourite bathrooms. Make it quick! Eqio, Euro, Fiumo, Iveo, Junit – five lines that have become bestsellers in next to no time. For good reasons – including fresh designs, budget-friendly prices and superfast delivery times.


Design lines. Design is art that makes itself useful. In the bathroom, it goes by many names: Badu, Coco, Mya, Yumo … Outstanding form and sophisticated function: an inspiring combination!

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Guest bathrooms

Small but stunning. It’s clever solutions in an attractive design that make a great bathroom, not how many square metres of floor space it has. Discover ideas that are guaranteed to wow your guests.