The Sustainability code (DNK) is for burgbad an important tool to describe and work on relevant sustainability issues. For the first time for the year 2015 we comply with the declaration of conformity of DNK and released it.
The developed topics are the basis for our first sustainability report. You can download the sustainability report 2015 here.


After joining the „climate compact for the furniture industry“ we worked consequently on reducing our carbon emissions and on compensating the rest completely. Based on the DGM criteria we have done calculation of the direct and indirect carbon emissions in the areas of Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3 for the year 2016 and neutralized our carbon footprint completely buying high-quality Gold Standard certified CO2- emission rights. burgbad get involved actively with climate protection.


As the first bathroom furniture producer we joined the „climate compact for the furniture industry”. Beginning of 2016 »German Furniture Quality Assurance Association e.V.« (DGM) initiated this voluntary climate protection project for the members. Focus of the climate compact this year is the balancing of the greenhouse gas emissions of the participating companies – also at burgbad.


burgbad decided to participate in the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative. UN Global Compact is a strategic policy initiative for businesses that are committed to aligning their operations and strategies with ten universally accepted principles in the areas of human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption. With signing the Compact in November 2015, we want to underline our focus on these important issues.

PEFC Certificate

burgbad orientates its purchasing decisions on verifiable facts showing that the wood materials for the product in question originate from ecologically, economically and socially sustainable forests. All our wood materials are from verified sources. At least 70% of the wood raw materials we buy are PEFC certified. Wood carrying the PEFC certificate of origin is free from any suspicion of originating from illegal logging or exploitation. It is proven to come from forests that are managed in harmony with nature and in line with strict criteria – so that they are fully retained for future generations.


Download PEFC Zertifikat
Téléchargement Certifié PEFC

We support the initiative "We together"

We are member of the initiative “We together”. “We together” is a platform where German businesses share their integration projects, with the aim of building a network of members who are dedicated long-term to the issue of integration. The businesses involved run their own integration projects funded by compulsory sponsorship. The website serves as a joint platform where German businesses present their integration projects.


Involvement of burgbad in “Blue Responsibility” reflects a sense of common purpose regarding the responsible use of natural resources. The three pillars of sustainability – economical, ecological and social – are firmly rooted in the corporate philosophy of those brand manufacturers in the German sanitary industry who are involved in the initiative.

Decorated as family friendly company

At burgbad the human takes center stage. burgbad lives a family-conscious corporate culture and seeks for a good working atmosphere  as well as good working conditions for healthy and content personnel. Compatibility of family and job is for us an utmost concern. For that long lasting commitment burgbad feels confirmed earning this certificate now. At our site in Bad Fredeburg burgbad was certified as family friendly company in Hochsauerlandkreis (a district in Germany, where burgbad is located). Decorated are companies, which support their colleagues with individual family friendly actions, helping to master the balancing act between every day family and every day job.


In Germany we are member of the »German Furniture Quality Assurance Association e.V.«, an association of furniture manufacturers and suppliers. It awards environmentallyfriendly quality furniture its seal of approval. Because, furniture should not only be beautiful, it should also be durable and must not harm health.” The German Furniture Quality Association e.V.” has products of their members regularly tested by the neutral furniture institutes according to their strict regulation RAL GZ430.This consists of all actual standards and sometimes requires even further demands.


In Germany burgbad achieves best possible classifi cation in the world’s fi rst emission label for furniture.
The DGM emissions label gives you information on emissions of harmful substances at a glance and is intended to protect you against negative impacts on your health. The entire range of burgbad furniture is classifi ed in emissions class A. For your safety.


The electronic description of our furniture consists of tested parts and complies with the requirements in the CE directives.