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Cala 1.0

Sample layout 8

productNumber: Cala-Planung-8
Measurement: 550mm

SPS121D - mirror cabinet
WTU123A - mineral cast washbasin incl. vanity unit
MHS3090 - mid height cabinet

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Available finishes

Thermoform anthracite high glossThermoform basalt grey mattThermoform hacienda blackThermoform Linen grey high glossThermoform marone truffle decorThermoform Velvet walnut decorThermoform white high glossThermoform Cashmere oak decorThermoform flanelle oak decorThermoform Merino oak decorThermoform Frassino cappuccino decorThermoform Tectona cinnamon decor

Available handles

Bar handle C14

Sample layouts

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