burgbad RL40 mirror cabinet


On the basis of these findings, burgbad has developed an innovative mirror cabinet in collaboration with Austrian lighting academy Bartenbach that takes people's various lighting needs into account. Depending on the time of day and what is required, it offers four lighting settings – from "activating" in the morning to "relaxing" in the evening. The new rc40 mirror cabinet LED lighting is reflected off the ceiling, so it illuminates the whole bathroom.



This indoor lighting looks almost like the natural light in the sky: bright, soft and without glare – details are easier to see. Touchless, the mirror is activated by passing your fingers over a sensor. A modern kind of lighting control that allows the light intensity to be dimmed or the light colour to be set as required to turn a good morning into the perfect start to the day – and a good night into pure relaxation.


lighting mood activating


A high light intensity similar to daylight helps to get your body going in the morning. It has a positive influence on our energy level and mood.

lighting mood relaxing


Not unlike candlelight, the "relaxing" setting provides warm white, cosy lighting yet still perfect illumination.

lighting mood basic


This setting can be customised to the preferred lighting mood. It can be switched on either directly on the mirror cabinet or via a light switch in the bathroom. The upper room light then illuminates the bathroom at the preferred setting.

lighting mood care


This setting is suitable for shaving or doing your makeup, for example. It makes it easy to see everything in detail but your complexion still looks natural.

This setting can be added to the lighting moods "care" and "basic". The lighting intensity and colour automatically follow the natural day-night rhythm, so they help to get your body going in the morning and do not inhibit the production of the sleeping hormone melatonin in the evening.


Bathroom furniture Mya
Bathroom furniture Mya
Bathroom furniture Mya
Bathroom furniture Mya

Mya: Modern. Casual. Elegant.

Mya stands for 100% pure bathroom enjoyment. Exquisite, curved wooden elements meet soft feel leather, matt finish ceramics meet warm light, and practical accessories meet functional freestanding benches and clothes rails here. A subtle, well-balanced interplay with perfectly natural ease.


However, Mya also has a different side: thanks to the contemporary design language, Mya in black also has a modern, casual and certainly masculine character, from the wood to the vanity unit. An all-round illuminated mirror adds a contrasting, sophisticated touch. Understated stylishness has never been this lively before – simply irresistible!

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